SafetyDrugs has heartily participated to the donation of a car for Fondo Edo Tempia, useful for patients transport on the territory.

Some months ago we were invited to contribute to the realization of a concrete action to improve the cancer patients life quality. This event made us know a little bit closer a wonderful reality of Biella (SafetyDrugs hometown) which we want talk about.

It is called Fondazione Edo and Elvo Tempia, a non-profit organisation that, from 2005, pursue the mission of Elvo Tempia whom, as far back as 1981, created an association, “Fondo di Solidarietà Edo Tempia per la lotta contro i tumori” (Solidarity Fund Edo Tempia for the fight against cancer), following his son willingness, Edo, succumbing to a melanoma at the age of 35 years.

The foundation deals with improving the cancer programs of Piedmont (Italian northern region), thanks also to the synergy with the voluntary association Fondo Edo Tempia, the ASL (local health authority), the universities and the research centres.

The foundation Edo and Elvo Tempia is active inPrevention, precocious Diagnosis, Screening, Search, Molecular Oncology, Palliative Cares, Psiconcology, Support to the Public Health, Cancer Registry, Dissemination and Training, with professionals that work for the Foundation itself  or who are made available by the local health authority. Collaborators that, with their professionalism and passion, guarantee quality and continuity in cancer services essential in our territory.

On 19 December 2016 took place at Villa Rivetti, Foundation Tempia seat, the delivery ceremony of a car dedicated to the cancer-patients transport. We sponsored it with other entrepreneurs that, like us, wanted to contribute in a useful way.
In that occasion the members of the board, in addition to the warm words of thanks for the help to pursue one of the biggest aim, which is the improving of patients life quality, they made us think with the simple consideration that often patients, besides being seriously ill, also are elder and alone. This is why be provided with the transport service, made available by the Fondo, allows them to comfortably access to the necessary treatments.

That morning was cold and snowy, but we left the Foundation Edo and Elvo Tempia, with a warmth in the heart absolutely appropriate to the Christmas spirit that was arriving.