Business Intelligence, the tool for
advanced analysis of your data

Combine SafetyDrugs with the additional Business Intelligence module for even easier, faster and more intuitive data analysis and signal searches.

  • Optimized query and analytics dashboard set

  • Customizable line listing with the possibility of choosing the data to be displayed and the filters to be set

  • Quantitative analysis with the possibility of viewing the details of each individual case for qualitative analysis

  • Comparison between selected time intervals

  • KPI analysis to monitor case processing times

  • Signal detection

  • Standard MedDRA Query

Effective signal detection

Signal detection based on disproportionality indicators

When the analysis refers to a sufficiently large number of cases, Business Intelligence provides an advanced function that allows:

  • Results with statistically high disproportionality based on ROR, PRR, RR indicators

  • Evidence of cases from the literature, unlisted, unexpected, fatal and serious

  • Confidence interval, Chi-Square and p-value test

Signal detection based on mathematical/quantitative methods

Where the analysis concerns a limited number of cases, the following functions are available:

  • Comparison of several periods based on the adverse events / patient expoure ratio (number of packages sold). Evidence when a ratio is greater than a chosen threshold

  • Quantitative analysis of reactions Serious, unlisted / unexpected, fatal, life treatening. Evidence of the number of cases greater than a chosen threshold.

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