SafetyDrugs is not just a database:
is your smart ally

SafetyDrugs organizes your work and optimizes your pharmacovigilance activities.

Thanks to its modular structure, SafetyDrugs integrates flexibly into your reality. Build the database according to your needs, choosing the right capacity for the size of your company and the modules needed to suit the requirements.

Quick start up

Start working with SafetyDrugs right away: it will take a few weeks.


Compose your package by choosing the quantity of virtual environments and the parameters according to your requirements.


Trust the solidity and stability of Oracle on which SafetyDrugs is based.


Protect your data by entrusting it to a hardware and software infrastructure with the highest levels of security.


Experience the best value for money compared to many competing solutions available on the market.

Internal assistance

Dialogue directly with our experts, who are always ready to provide you with fast and efficient support.

In Italy, one in four pharmaceutical companies
chose SafetyDrugs

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