Pajama Run is an event organized by LILT to support children affected by cancer. Here’s what it is and how we decided to support the cause.

What is the Pajama Run?

Every year, in Italy, over 1,400 children and over 800 adolescents fall ill with cancer or leukemia. It is estimated that today in Italy there are more than 44,000 people who have had childhood cancer[1]. The Pajama Run is an event to support the fight against pediatric cancers. Organized by LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Tumors), it consists of a race in which participants wear their own pajamas in support of those who, unfortunately, are forced to wear them all day long. This event has reached its fifth edition this year and represents an incredible demonstration of affection and closeness towards young cancer patients.

The month of September is dedicated to raising awareness of pediatric cancers, symbolized by the Gold Ribbon, that represents the courage and strength of children with cancer. The 15th is the day when, in several Italian cities, everyone is invited to put on their pajamas and take part in this special race. Participants are asked to make a small donation with the aim of raising funds to be donated to the families of children with cancer.

[1] Source: Italian Ministry of Health, data relating to the year 2022

How Max Application supports the cause

We at Max Application, the developer of the SafetyDrugs safety database for pharmacovigilance, care about the cause and believe that the Pajama Run is an extraordinary initiative that unites communities in a tangible gesture of solidarity. We have therefore decided to make our contribution to supporting the event in two significant ways.

Firstly, we decided to sponsor the event in the city of Biella, the company’s headquarters, thus supporting the organization and implementation of the event at a local level.

Secondly, we encourage the Max Application team to actively participate in the march by supporting the cause with a participation donation. In this way we can contribute in a concrete way to supporting the families of children with cancer and spreading the message of hope and solidarity that this event represents. The invitation was warmly welcomed: 75% of employees will participate to support this noble cause.

Pajama Run 2023: numbers and impact of the event in Biella

We thank everyone who participated and supported the Pigiama Run 2023 with us. It was a special day when we joined forces for such an important cause. Every step we took represented more hope for those brave children and their families. Thank you for being part of this amazing race for life.

We are proud to announce that the nationwide event saw the participation of 11,486 people and raised a total of €190,310. Locally, in the city of Biella, home of Max Application, there were 1,097 participants who helped raise €17,377, exceeding the target of €11,250. These funds will be allocated directly to the families of cancer children living in the Biella area, offering precious support.

For our part, we are thrilled with the great success of the event and with having contributed. Here are some photos of our march.

For further information you can visit the official Pajama Run website.

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