Pharmacovigilance becomes accessible to everybody with Saas! Enjoy the on-cloud service, set it up and pay just for your real demands.

What is the SaaS?

The SaaS model is the way to rent the software instead of buying it. More and more companies are adopting this option, which is in constant growth,  therefore, most of our clients have chosen it.

How does the SaaS work?

This model allows you to access the database containing your adverse events through the on cloud technology: you just need a PC with an Internet connection and that’s it!

Is the on-cloud safe?

Yes! Many companies have already overcome the psychological hurdle: that for their own data security, finding, instead, that the cloud is the soothing solution. We guarantee your data are hosted in a safe place that complies with the maximum protection criteria. The concern for their security does no longer make sense!

Where is the data?

The SaaS model implies that data are hosted in a data centre.
To keep the commitment about data safety, we have chosen to work with just one web technology, database and cloud platform provider: Oracle, that allows us to supply also an outstanding Transparent Data Encryption and Disaster Recovery service to our clients.

Why is SaaS cost-effective?

The service is economically advantageous compared to purchasing that, instead, requires pharma companies to be equipped with the hardware and software infrastructures, with licenses and with an IT specialized team.

What additional benefits are there?

  • Service efficiency
  • Cost-cutting of initial investment
  • Start-up time reduction
  • Quick reaction to business changes
  • Costs monitoring
  • Included cost for new releases, support and maintenance
  • Free updated version.

Our SaaS mode also includes the disaster recovery service.
Moreover, thanks to the SaaS you are green too: reduce the environmental impact and the energy use of your company!