The AFI Symposium 2024, held from June 5 to 7 in Rimini, offers a significant opportunity for professionals in the pharmaceutical sector to stay updated. Among the various topics addressed, the session dedicated to pharmacovigilance will explore the impact of quality complaints on patient health. It’s an occasion to discover the latest innovations and best practices.

AFI Symposium 2024: The Event

From June 5 to 7, 2024, the Palacongressi in Rimini will host the 63rd edition of the AFI Symposium, a key event for the Italian pharmaceutical sector. For over 60 years, the AFI Symposium has been an important meeting and exchange point for key players in scientific research and industry companies.

The AFI Symposium includes numerous scientific sessions, workshops, and exhibition areas, offering a unique opportunity for professionals to update their knowledge and network. Each edition of the Symposium is dedicated to specific and highly relevant topics for the pharmaceutical industry. This year’s theme is “The Challenges of the Health Industry: Research, Innovation, Sustainability.”

The AFI Symposium also features two notable areas: the Women in Pharma Square, an area reserved for women revolutionizing the pharmaceutical world with their skills and leadership, and the Poster Session, an area to present and discuss original and innovative works, with a chance to win an award for the most interesting project.

AFI Symposium 2024: the program


  • Company Workshops
  • Wednesday’s Scientific Sessions
    • Marcello Cattani’s Lectio Magistralis
    • Session I – Energy and Sustainability
    • Session II – Supply Chain
    • Session III – Packaging Materials
    • Session IV – Digital Health
  • Startup Square


  • Thursday’s Scientific Sessions
    • Session V – Clinical Research
    • Session VI – Quality
    • Session VII – HTA
    • Session VIII – Deblistering
    • Session IX – Environmental Risk Assessment
    • Session X – Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Session XI – Biotech
    • Session XII – Pharmacovigilance
    • Session XIII – Medical Devices
    • Session XIV – Advertising and IMS in the Health Area
    • Session XV – CRS-SITELF
  • Women’s Square
  • Poster Session
  • Friday’s Scientific Sessions
    • Session XVI – Parenteral Drugs
    • Session XVII – Innovation
    • Session XVIII – APIs
    • Session XIX – Special Productions
  • Workshops and Special Areas

Pharmacovigilance: in-depth insights into the impact of quality complaints on patient health

One of the most anticipated events at the AFI Symposium 2024 is the session dedicated to Pharmacovigilance, scheduled for Thursday, June 6, from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. This meeting, titled “Pharmacovigilance and Quality: When a Quality Complaint Impacts Patient Health,” will explore the crucial interconnection between quality complaints and their impact on drug safety. A quality defect in a medicine can negatively affect health or therapy adherence, requiring careful intervention from pharmacovigilance.

The session will be introduced by Andrea Oliva from AFI and Viatris, who will also serve as the moderator. This will be followed by presentations from Elisabetta Beltrami and Daria Rasà of Alfasigma on quality defects in pharmacovigilance and from Laura Sottosanti of AIFA on the Agency’s role in managing drug safety. The subsequent round table will feature experts like Elisabetta Beltrami, Giovanna Pescatore of Farmindustria, Daria Rasà, Laura Sottosanti, and Romina Tulimiero of Egualia, who will discuss processes, identify barriers, and propose necessary actions to effectively manage quality complaints in compliance with Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GVP). The session will conclude with a final discussion and closing remarks by Andrea Oliva. This is a must-attend session for pharmacovigilance professionals looking to update their best practices to ensure drug safety.

SafetyDrugs at AFI Symposium 2024

For pharmacovigilance professionals, we will be present at the AFI Symposium with a dedicated space for SafetyDrugs, Italy’s leading pharmacovigilance database. We invite everyone to visit stand 94 to get detailed information about the safety database and schedule an appointment for an online demo. Come and see us to discover how SafetyDrugs can support your daily pharmacovigilance activities, improving the efficiency and safety of data management. We look forward to seeing you.