For the third consecutive year we will be the main sponsor of the European Pharmacovigilance Congress, the event dedicated to the updates in the field of pharmacovigilance. This year the event will be held in Milan at the Starhotel Business Palace from 28 to 29 November 2019.

Over thirty experts will discuss issues related to the latest requirements implementation, will give updates on the field news and will give information on strategies and solutions.

European Pharmacovigilance Congress 2019 agenda

The two-day debate sessions will be divided as follows:

European Pharmacovigilance Congress – Day 1: 28 November

1. Update from international pharmacovigilance organizations
2. Pharmacovigilance inspections: current and future landscapes
3. EudraVigilance/EVDAS updates
4. Signal management
5. Patient’s expert engagement: central role in pharmacovigilance for a better and safer use of medicinal products
6. Pharmacovigilance in special population: geriatric vs pediatric (the new GVP module), pregnancy and breastfeeding
7. Pharmacovigilance in the frame of advanced therapies/rare diseases

European Pharmacovigilance Congress – Day 2: 29 November

8. Risk management and risk minimization
9. Patient support programs and medical information
10. Pharmacovigilance systems: organization and quality
11. Pharmacovigilance in clinical trial

The event will be an opportunity not only to learn the latest news, but also to exchange experiences, promote projects and strengthen relationships with the pharmacovigilance stakeholders.