For its pharmacovigilance database, Max Application has chosen to rely on a data centre with the best safety standards, that of Oracle. Here because.

The Oracle Data Centre is the choice that Max Application made to ensure an ever-higher data protection. In other words, all the data in the safety database SafetyDrugs 6, is now hosted in a data centre whose security standards are among the highest in the planet. The technicians of Max Application, the company that developed SafetyDrugs (the Italian Pharmacovigilance Software), compared various solutions available on the market. Among the reasons for a well-thought-out choice, the following factors played a key role.


The Oracle brand is a staple in the panorama of technology operators. It is a reality whose 430,000 clients, present in 175 countries around the world, each day safely ride the business opportunities offered by IT tools.

Data protection

TestoDuring the transmission, data are protected by an advanced encryption system*  that preserve against violations. This is an additional procedure implemented in the database with the new release: by accessing the database without the necessary decryption keys, it will be impossible for anyone to read the data. The database automatically handles encryption and decoding through the Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) feature.
* TLS 1.2 enabled connection negotiated for encryption of at least 128 bits or higher and private key used to generate the encrypted key of at least 2048 bits.

Disaster Recovery

In case of a catastrophic event or cyber-attack, the procedures of the Oracle Recovery Manager system provide quick recovery timing and certainty about the integrity of the database. Unlike what happens in synchronous copy process, Oracle limits the risk of compromising data using the deferred copy process on a secondary site with machines in standby mode.

Quality standards

The Oracle data centre level is compliant with Tier III standards, with data security certifications such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 1 / SOC 2, with the ISO / IEC 27002 safety general guidelines and with ISO / IEC 27001international rule.


The choice of the Oracle data centre is a new chapter in the partnership between Max Application and the American group, which began in the ’90s with the adoption of their database. Today, our IT services technology is based on Oracle Cloud: Infrastructure (IaaS), Platform (PaaS) and Software (SaaS) including SafetyDrugs 6. Complete integration of the three layers of the entire technology structure into a single environment enhances system performance and user efficiency.