Citizens can now always be updated on any shortages of medicines thanks to AIFA Medicinali.

In December 2022, AIFA, the Italian medicines agency, released an app to make information on drugs and their availability accessible to patients or caregivers. It is called AIFA Medicinali and is available free of charge for mobile devices from Google Play and the App Store.

Drug shortages app: what AIFA Medicinali is

AIFA Medicinali is an application developed by AIFA, the Italian medicine agency, born from the need of patients with chronic diseases to have information about the availability of medicines. The app allows you to always be updated on any shortcomings of the medicines of interest and to know the marketing status of the medicines authorized in Italy.

Through the app, citizens can also carry out research on medicines and individual packages by directly accessing the AIFA database. They can consult the Package Leaflet of the medicines and the Summary of Product Characteristics.

The app also allows patients or caregivers to manage their medications on a daily basis. A problem encountered is the lack of adherence to therapy, for this purpose, in the AIFA Medicinali, the patient or caregiver can create one or more virtual “lockers” in which to insert the drugs used. Here it is possibile to set alerts to remind you of taking them, entering details such as doses, times, methods of taking and expiry of the drug.

An area is also available where the user can import their health card to always have it available on their device.

The app is available free of charge on:
Google Play Store:
App Store:

AIFA has also made the AIFA Medicinali manual available.