SafetyDrugs is a safety database that allows the collection, management, analysis and submission of ICSR(s). It has also been equipped with various tools that help and simplify your work:

  • Work planning: it is an interactive dashboard that allows the control of priorities and deadlines;
  • Smart data entry: it is a form made up of necessary minimum fields for the insertion of a case. In this way it will be possible to enter the main details, creating a draft case, to be deepened and completed at a later time;
  • Selective import: it is a mask that shows a preview of a case, in order to confirm, or not, the final import based on inclusion criteria. Excluded cases are always saved into the database and can be listed in a report;
  • Search for duplicates: it is a function that allows, during the import phase, to search for possible duplicates using a customizable algorithm;
  • Message system: it is a messaging tool that permits you to send emails to your team/partners/Authorities with attachments and to set alerts and reminders for deadlines and quality compliance duties;
  • Gateway: it is the portal that allows the automatic submission of cases to EMA, FDA and MHRA.